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TLC - Training Learning and Consultancy

Working with care experienced young people, A National Voice has developed a set of four themed Toolkits.

Rights Respect and Responsibility

Each Toolkit tackles a specific theme, designed to improve the care system through the participation of young people and support the principles of Care Matters. Each Toolkit forms the basis of face to face training, co-delivered by ANV’s skilled staff and care-experienced young people. They will aim to inspire young people to get involved for themselves.

Benefits for you in Taking up our Offer

The immediate impact of commissioning training from A National Voice will include:

  • Broader and deeper understanding of the opportunities, obstacles and challenges in increasing the participation of young people in their care experience
  • Increased and up to date knowledge for staff
  • An opportunity to access an authentic perspective from care experienced young people on key issues
  • Valuable time dedicated to facilitated discussion and action planning on a pre-identified theme, in the context of your organisational needs
  • Recognition of learning for young people taking part
  • The commencement of an ongoing relationship with A National Voice, our dedicated professional team and network of care experienced young people

What we Offer Training on

As part of an initial consultation, A National Voice training will develop training that is bespoke to your organisation, its setting and its young people, based on four Toolkits:

Developing Children in Care Councils

This programme has been designed for staff and young people who are setting up and running Children in Care Councils. It will help you to think about the issues that young people face, share good practice, and develop skills in working alongside elected members to improve participation. The programme will support you to develop a young person led CiCC that more effectively enables the voices of young people to be heard.

Participation of children and young people in developing social care

This programme aims to equip individuals with basic theory and practical approaches to participation with children and young people, and to help them to build a culture of participation. It will guide organisations in the development of a framework for the effective participation of children and young people in the design, delivery and review of their services.

Corporate parenting

This programme has been designed for corporate parents - senior officers and lead members for children's services, in particular - to help them to understand their roles in the context of Care Matters. But perhaps more importantly, in what Quality Protects described as "the kind of support that any good parents would provide for their own children". The key is understanding care from the perspective of young people. The programme also incorporates lessons from best practise within public care.

Involving young people in recruitment and selection

Care Matters states that "there should be mechanisms in place for involving young people in care in the recruitment of key staff members". This programme has been designed to offer workers and young people introductory information and ideas on how to involve young people meaningfully in recruitment and selection.

All of our training is designed to be integrated with agency policies and procedures, and is formulated upon up to date research and evidence based practice. It will be safe, fun and value diversity in all its forms.

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