Work. Work. Work. Is that all we do? Well...yes it is. read on to find out what we do and what we can do for you.

The average age for leaving home in England is 24 and yet many Care leavers have to set up home and make the transition to adult life at a much younger age. ANV carried out the largest ever survey of the housing needs of Care leavers. We surveyed almost 300 care Leavers around England as well as almost 300 professionals who work with care leavers (Housing Professionals and…
The amplify event was the largest ever gathering of care-experienced Young People. The event took place at Leicester University Halls of residence during a weekend in August 2002. A National Voice, the only national in-care organisation planned and delivered the event, and wrote the subsequent report. Over 150 young people from Care between age 13-21 attended from all over England. More than 50 Local Authorities sponsored their young…
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