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PLEASE SIR! Can I Have Some More?

PLEASE SIR! Can I Have Some More?

This 40 page report has been updated with feedback from young people about education which was collected as part of the green paper consultation.

Over 200 children and young people told us what the main barriers were to getting a good education for people who are in or leaving Care. They tell us what types of support have helped them and make suggestions about what support is needed from carers, social workers and schools to improve educational outcomes.

A further 218 told us their ideas about government proposals to create better financial support, creating a virtual head teacher and what training and support is needed to help more children and young people from care do well at school, college or university

This campaign is based around a survey of top 3 issues carried out last year by ANV. Getting an Education was the top issue from a list of 20+ chosen by over 100 young people.

The ‘Please Sir!’ campaign aims to raise awareness about the barriers to getting a good education and to influence policy makers and Corporate Parents. We want to highlight the gap in achievement between children from care and their non-care peers. Currently only about 2% of Care Leavers go to University compared with approx 50% of other young people. 59% of Looked After children are not entered for a single GCSE and only 9% attain five A to C grades compared with 54% of the wider population.

We want to build on the report by the Social Exclusion Unit 'A Better Education for Children in Care' (Office of The Deputy Prime Minister 2003).

It was clear from our research that Education and Learning is very important to children and young people from Care and one of the main barriers is stability of placement — too many moves can create a lack of continuity and children's education will often suffer. We want to see a direct entitlement for children and young people to access one to one tuition to catch up with any education they have missed out on.


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