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No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

The average age for leaving home in England is 24 and yet many Care leavers have to set up home and make the transition to adult life at a much younger age.

ANV carried out the largest ever survey of the housing needs of Care leavers. We surveyed almost 300 care Leavers around England as well as almost 300 professionals who work with care leavers (Housing Professionals and Leaving Care Workers/Personal Advisors).

Thanks to everyone who answered our survey. We have now publishing a full colour report based on our findings.

NPLH represents a landmark campaign; it is the first time there has been a national survey linking Local Authority Social Services professionals to Housing Departments to uncover why so many care leavers feel under supported. It is clear that these two departments have historically worked with care leavers in different ways. Since the Leaving Care Act a couple of years ago things have improved but there are still areas of confusion between these two departments - which can leave care leavers 'slipping through the gap' and not getting the support they need, or are entitled to.

ANV published the initial findings from almost 300 care leavers along with a set of recommendations (available on this site). We also launched the campaign on HMS President to an audience of about 100. ANV presented our findings at a conference in London in front of the Housing Minister Keith Hill. We have now produced a full colour 40 page report with recommendations and we will ensure this report goes out to all Directors of social services, the Children's Commissioner as well as voluntary Organisations and senior Government officials including the Minister for Housing as well as Minister for Children and Young people.

Get in touch to order your full colour 40 page report priced £10.

The 'No Place Like Home' Campaign is Supported by:

  • NCH
  • Fostering Network
  • Professor Mike Stein (York University Social Work Dept)
  • Rainer
  • Bryn Melyn Foundation
  • Office of the Childrens Rights Director & ADSS
  • Barnardos
  • NCB (Childrens Residential Unit)
  • SCIE (Social Care Institute of Excellence)
  • Centrepoint
  • AOAC (Action on After Care Consortium)
  • BAAF (British Association of Adoption & Fostering)
  • Prince's Trust
  • VCC (Voice for the Child in Care)
  • Hilton Dawson MP (Chair of All Party Group for Children in Care)
  • Who Cares Trust
  • Children's Residential Care Unit at NCB
  • Ann Wheal, Social Work Division, University of Southampton

Big Thanks to John Dotchin & ReSurv for help with the campaign


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