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Emotional Well-Being Report

Emotional Well-Being Report

A study made over ten years ago of social workers’ views of children and young people in Care and their mental health needs found that 80% of looked after children needed mental health service input, yet only 27% received it.

ANV consulted 106 children and young people to find out their views on their own emotional wellbeing and service provision. We found a high proportion of emotional wellbeing 'need', and a low proportion of 'needs being met'.

We discovered that there were many barriers to getting the right kind of support, including negative perceptions of emotional wellbeing/mental health services.

The collated data indicated several key points:

  • The high numbers of 'need' appear unchanged
  • The poor 'needs/met' ratio is still evident
  • Requests for help are impeded by a perceived general lack of understanding/empathy/experience (of being from Care)
  • Few of those that feel able to ask for help would turn to mental health professionals
  • Professional mental health solutions are viewed as stigmatising
  • A clear majority choose the alternative coping strategies of increased drug/alcohol consumption.

Recommendations from the report included a call for educational interventions to prevent stigma and increase understanding for young people as well as professionals.


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