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CiCC Mapping Project 2010-11

CiCC Mapping Project 2010-11

We worked with the Department for Education (DfE) throughout 2010–2011 to build a national picture of the current position of Children in Care Councils (CiCC's). The aim was to map the strengths and weaknesses of CiCCs across the country and monitor their progress and development.

We gathered information for this mapping exercise by issuing all 152 Local Authorities in England with detailed questionnaires about the structure, function and impact of their CiCC.

Questionnaires were sent bimonthly by email throughout the period April 2010–March 31st 2011 to the following four groups:

  • Young people Looked After (Young People)
  • Elected Member for Children’s Services (EM)
  • Directors of Children’s Services (DCS)
  • Lead Worker (LW)

There were two versions of the questionnaire; one for professionals and a slightly shorter version for Young People. In this way we expected to be able to monitor change
over time and pick up on any discrepancies within the same LA’s. Both versions of the questionnaire covered the four main themes of

  • Structure, Governance and Funding
  • Reporting and Influence
  • Engagement, Diversity and Out of Borough
  • Monitoring

In addition to issuing questionnaires ANV hosted a series of regional meetings with the DfE and the Office of the Children’s Rights Director. Young people and LW’s from every CiCC were invited to 9 regional meetings. These meetings proved to be a valuable source of supplementary information and anecdotal evidence. In particular, many examples of the good practice recommended in this report were gathered during the course of these meetings.

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