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Care Matters: ANV Response

Care Matters: ANV Response

We received an amazing response to our survey on the government's ‘Care Matters’ Green Paper, with over 200 young people participating.

The importance of this green paper cannot be underestimated and we are delighted to have had such a great response to form the basis of our report and recommendations.

Children and young people who have been in Care are clear about what their priorities are for changes to the Care system.

In essence they want:

  • More information and choice about what happens to them and their opinions taken into account
  • To have stability in both Care and school places
  • To not have to move to independent living until they are ready
  • To have safe and decent accommodation when they leave Care with a package of support
  • To have the chance to meet and share experiences with others from Care
  • To be able to make mistakes and still get support as young adults, just like their peers
  • To ensure the new 'Pledges' (promises) and the 'Children In Care Councils' are constituted, representative and non-tokenistic and that Elected Members and Directors of Children's Services are fully accountable

Really, it's nothing more than anyone would provide for their own child – which is what we want. Politicians, councillors, local authorities and child care professionals should always ask themselves 'Would this be good enough for my child?'

If it isn't then it isn't good enough for children in Care.


Contact us to get your copy of this report. It costs £10.00 (+p&p) but our position paper is available here as a free download.

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  • Care Matters: ANV Position Paper


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