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CiCC National Mapping Report: 2011 to 2013

CiCC National Mapping Report: 2011 to 2013

We worked with the Department for Education (DfE) throughout 2011 – 2013 to continue building a national picture of the current position of Children in Care Councils (CiCC).

The aim was to map the strengths and weaknesses of CiCCs across the country and monitor their progress and development, examining the variety of ways in which CiCCs work. This report follows on from our previous report on the work of CiCCs throughout 2010-2011 and builds on the interim report produced for limited distribution in 2012.

In this and previous reports we have identified good practice that developing CiCCs can use to improve their function and impact on services, and highlighted common challenges faced by CiCCs.

We previously commented on how the General Election in May 2010 and subsequent Comprehensive Spending Review had created a particularly interesting environment in which to begin this mapping exercise. The impact of the CSR has continued to make itself apparent, and we have frequently heard examples of budget restrictions leading to staff redundancies, and limited capabilities for CiCCs.

All data in this CiCC Mapping Report covers the following 8 Main CiCC Themes:

  • Structure
  • Governance
  • Funding
  • Reporting
  • Influence
  • Engagement and Diversity
  • Out of Borough
  • Monitoring
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