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ANV Invited to Help DfE Run Several CiCC Regional Meetings

Along with Dr Roger Morgan, the Childrens Rights Director, ANV are helping the Department for Education run several Children in Care Council (CiCC) regional meetings in late 2010 through to Spring 2011. These meetings are a real chance for CiC councils chairs to share their experience about what they find works to get things done and provoke positive changes in their local authorities.

The new Minister Tim Loughton is on board and is keen to hear from young people about CiCCs.

At ANV we are excited about these plans as we really want to help develop a forum for council chairs to discuss amongst themselves the services and support they receive in their respective LAs, what they value most etc. Please get in touch for more info about these exciting new opportunities to make CiC councils really work.

ANV are also currently mapping Children in Care Councils nationally. Every local authority in England should set up a CiCC, the aim being to raise local issues affecting children and young people and to set up their ‘Pledge’ (their Promise). ANV can help local authorities to set up and maintain their CiCC effectively.

So far we have had a good response from local authorities and have been able to gather info on plenty of positive progress and good practice.

If you're a professional working for a local authority or a young person still receiving services from your local authority, please follow the links below to let us know if you have a CiCC yet and how it’s going. (Young People) (Professional)