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About ANV

We are ANV. ANV = A National Voice and that's what we are; a voice for a nation of young people who are in Care or who have been in Care, an organisation which is run by young people who are in Care or who have been in Care.

Our Work

Some of the things we get up to:

  • help young people from all over england to set up and join in local in-care/aftercare groups
  • help young people change the care system for the better
  • help young people speak up and have an effect on decisions about the care system
  • help young people send out good messages about themselves and tackle any bad ones

Our goals are:

  • to continue to be a young person led organisation
  • to give an individual and collective voice and to ensure young people from care have a say in all decisions that affect them
  • to inform and influence central and local government decisions about the care system in England
    to educate professionals and general public about the lives and experiences of young people from care
  • to promote positive images of young people from care
  • to raise awareness about care issues and reduce stigma
  • to positively promote the rights of young people from care and to promote the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Young People at the Wheel

The Board of Directors is a group of young people who steer the work of ANV. They meet 4-6 times a year for a weekend residential meeting. All members of the Board are care experienced and are aged between 14 and 24 years of age and they come from all across England. The directors are selected and recruited from a list of applicants by other young people.

The work of the Board includes:

  • Steering the direction of A National Voice
  • Attending conferences, launches, seminars and other relevant events
  • Networking with other young people and professional agencies
  • Public speaking at events and conferences
  • Training for professionals
  • Attending local meetings with Young People
  • Promoting and publicising ANV
  • Receiving relevant training so as to give interviews to media
  • Promoting the rights of young people from care
  • Attending Local Government meetings
  • Involvement in Parliamentary Bills and Briefings
  • Helping to interview and recruit staff to ANV
  • Helping to develop our policy, procedures and strategy
  • Contributing to our web site
  • Contributing to our newsletter

We're a Charity

We are a charity and apart from a small government grant we rely on contributions to fund our work. You can visit our supporters page to find out more.


"...Thank you very much for facilitating yesterday's session and thank you to Rob, Siobhan and Gemma for sharing their experience and knowledge. The students were really enthused by the session..."

Carol Haines,
 University of Salford


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