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We Need You

by ANV

Are you aged 16-30?

Are you in Care, or have been in Care in England in the past?

Are you passionate about empowering young people to effect change in services for looked after children?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, then you may be just what we need! A National Voice is looking for dedicated young Trustees to join our Board and help to steer the work we do to support young people in and leaving Care in England, and help them to make changes to the services which affect them.


Costs, Cuts and Care

by Harvey Gallagher

Depending on which figures you use, children's social care in England has been hit by something like a 25% cut in the last year. That would have a huge impact even if done in a planned, transparent way based on good evidence. But the pressure is on to cut spending now, today, this year. What I think we've seen for young people in care is that the bad practice that has always been around in some form in a small number of places, and that we don't ever seem able to be able to eradicate completely, is growing again.


In recent weeks there has been, unusually, quite a lot of press coverage about the care system. We have had the concern about the bureaucracy of the adoption system; yet another report from the Fostering Network about the shortage of foster carers, and the distressing case in Rochdale where at least one of the victims appears to have been targeted because of their care status. And there has been a rapid response by the Government with an announcement of legislation on adoption and the Minister announcing a review of children’s homes to ensure they can properly protect children from exploitation.


Just a reminder that June 25th to July 1st is Corporate Parenting Week. According to the Local Government Association website "Corporate Parenting Week is an opportunity to find out more about the role of a corporate parent and to share ideas and good practice across the country".
You can find out more and keep updated during the week at the LGA website where they have made relevant resources available for download including a council resource pack containing "a range of ideas and examples of activity for the week, but also beyond".

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